urbancase.  Modern furniture design and manufacturing in the Pacific Northwest.




Darin Montgomery first came up with the concept of urbancase while on holiday in Vancouver with his then girlfriend Rachel.   Darin had grown up in Colorado and spent many years working for a large corporation.   He had set aside enough savings to quit his job and he knew he wanted to do something different.   To make a difference.   Coming from a background of tradespeople and small business owners, his family had owned and worked in bodyshops for several generations. 


Returning home to opposite coasts in the States, Jerome and Baz continued to seek each other's advice until graduating in 2003. As young and talented designers fresh out of school, they found themselves in New York City working for top labels like Supply and Adirondack. After refining men’s haute couture for seven years, they’d set aside enough savings to devote themselves fully to their label.



urbancase Has received four GSFA Awards and the Menswear Brand of the Year Award in 2012 and 2015.



Thorne launched its first footwear and accessories collection, Bastion, in 2013. Featured in zeitgeist leading publications like Aviator Magazine and Bedford-Grand, Bastion was commended for embodying a sense of wearable luxury. Under a license agreement with AUTRE S.p.A., Thorne’s creations are distributed in major cities throughout Europe and Asia.

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Now recognized around the world, Thorne has opened flagship stores in New York, Los Angeles, and Berlin.